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Betawi Rendezvous di Grand Cempaka Business Hotel
photo Reza Hapiz -

Getting to Know Betawi Rendezvous at Grand Cempaka Business Hotel

PT Jakarta Tourisindo/Jakarta Experience Board (JXB), presents Betawi Rendezvous at the Lobby of the Grand Cempaka Business (GCB) Hotel, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta.

There is a Betawi nuance thus we all feel Jakarta's anniversary

PT Jakarta Tourisindo Acting President Director Zulfarshah said the Betawi Rendezvous, which featured various cultural, artistic, and culinary crafts, is part of a series of celebrations for Jakarta's 495th Anniversary.

"This is part of the GCB Hotel services. There is a Betawi nuance thus we all feel Jakarta's anniversary," he said, Friday (6/17).

Let's Join Jakarta Hajatan Literacy at Spathodea Park Tomorrow

He continued that it has been held since June 4 and will end on July 4, 2022. During the event, several Betawi artists would take turns showing their creativity.

"Despite not all of them are presented, at least there is a Betawi nuance that visitors can feel during their stay or seminars," he stated.

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