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 Sudin Pertamanan Jaktim Gelar Bunga di Jl Halim Perdana Kusuma
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Plants Nuanced in Red and White Decorate Jalan Halim Perdanakusuma

To welcome Indonesia's 77th Independence Day, the East Jakarta Parks and City Forest Sub-agency has decorated the intersection area of Jalan Raya Halim Perdanakusuma with plants nuanced in red and white.

Its planting involves 20 personnel

East Jakarta Parks and City Forest Sub-agency Head Djauhar Arifin stated the ornamental plants were planted last week and was completed today.

The types of flowers planted were namely Kastuba Merah (red) and Kastuba Putih (white), as well as other unique and interesting ornamental plants, including Rumput Gajah and Celosia Kuning.

FKDM Head: Independence Day is a Momentum to Strengthen Nationalism

There was also a kerombong bulat (round iron) decorated with ornaments with the number 77th with red and white nuances.

"Its planting involves 20 personnel," he explained.

He added the fork in the intersection of Jalan Raya Halim Perdanakusuma is decoated with various ornamental plants, as it is very strategic and is often crossed by state guest vehicles.

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