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Upaya Turunkan Polusi Udara, Pj Gubernur Heru Gencar Ciptakan Ruang Terbuka Hijau
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Reducing Air Pollution, Heru Incessantly Creating Green Open Spaces

The Jakarta Provincial Government continues to encourage greening efforts throughout the region. It is done by intensifying the utilization of areas that are well unmaintained and turning them into green open spaces (RTH) that are more beneficial to the community.

Surely, Jakarta Government wants to reduce the existing pollution

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono revealed that it could not be separated from the Regional Government's efforts to reduce air pollution. It was a real step followed by mayors, sub-district, and urban village heads.

"Surely, Jakarta Government wants to reduce the existing pollution. One of them we intensify the planting of trees. The mayors, sub-district head, and urban village head plant trees every day," he expressed after he planted chilies in the backyard of the Jagakarsa Sub-district Office, South Jakarta, as quoted from Jakarta's PPID Press Release, Friday (1/27).

Heru Expects Wider Area Revitalization in Jakarta

He also revealed that additional green open space (RTH) was also being carried out. A total of 256 green open space locations are now well arranged.

"We have been intensifying greening and adding green open space. 256 locations were previously unarranged, with no trees, no plants, are now open green space locations," he explained.

In the future, he will also implement regional arrangements at the agency level. He cited that at the executive meeting a few days ago, every agency is prompted to arrange locations that are not good enough to be orderly and tidy.

"In the meeting, I want the Parks Agency to arrange two unmanaged locations to be better, starting from parks in Jakarta. The next is the Sub-agency, where they plant two parks in six to seven months, etc," he uttered.

On that occasion, the Acting Governor accompanied by South Jakarta Mayor, Munjirin and Jagakarsa Sub-district Head, Santoso also checked the arrangement in other areas spread across Jagakarsa Sub-district, such as Mahoni Park. Hopefully, in the future, the same action could be imitated in all regions of Jakarta.

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