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Pj Gubernur Heru Apresiasi Layanan RSUD Koja
photo Mochamad Tresna Suheryanto -

Heru Appreciates Drug-Resistant TB and Chemotherapy Services at Koja Hospital

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, appreciated the two new services at Koja Hospital, North Jakarta, namely an integrated pulmonary clinic with a special room for drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) and chemotherapy services, Tuesday (1/31).

The service is pretty good

He also directly reviewed the services in the hospital.

"The service is pretty good. Earlier I visited two rooms, namely the chemotherapy room and the drug-resistant TB. This service is the development of health services for TB patients and chemotherapy for cancer," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

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From his observations, he saw that health workers, both doctors, nurses, and other officers had provided optimal service for patients. It was deemed health services at Koja Hospital for Jakarta residents have exceeded the health standards set by the government.

"As for the service, it's all good. Earlier, I talked to a patient who had recovered. He said I had a stroke, was treated here, and has recovered. So, the service is good and more than standard," he explained.

Koja RSUD President Director, Dr. Ida Bagus Nyoman Banjar admitted that he was quite surprised by Acting Governor's visit, as there was no notification whatsoever regarding his arrival at the hospital.

"He came here. Whereas, we have an event later this afternoon for a hospital tour of the healthcare environment such as heads of the Health Center, Hospital, UPT, and Laboratory at 2 PM later. Suddenly, we got the news that he was coming here. Yes, so we didn't do any special preparation. What is it, this is our daily service," he explained.

He added that drug-resistant TB services exist to serve TB patients who are no longer able to be treated with conventional medicines. Thus, a special room was needed to treat these patients, as the disease was contagious.

"For drug-resistant TB services, we have just started. Yesterday, this room was used to treat Covid-19 patients, so this service was stopped for two years. Only now can we complete all the services. Indeed, there is a target from the Health Ministry that this hospital should provide this service, as referrals here are quite large," he explained.

Then for chemotherapy services, it has been carried out for four years. However, this service has not yet collaborated with BPJS Kesehatan.

"Hopefully, with the Acting Governor's visit, our services can be approved by BPJS Kesehatan," he continued.

On that occasion, he asked the ranks of the Koja Hospital to continue to improve health services and be consistent in providing the best service for residents who need health services.

"The direction is to improve and be consistent, starting from hospitality, cleanliness, the type of service, the competence of the staff must continue to increase. He is happy with Koja's condition," he uttered.

The Acting Governor's arrival was also accompanied by North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim and Jakarta Dinkes Head, Widyastuti.

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