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Empat Titik Jalan Rusak di Jalan Pancoran Dìperbaiki
photo TP Moan Simanjuntak -

Four Damaged Roads in Glodok Repaired

Four damaged roads located on Jalan Pancoran RW 01, Glodok Urban Village, Taman Sari Sub-district are seen being repaired.

It aims to create a sense of safety and comfort for residents and motorists

Taman Sari Sub-district Bina Marga Executing Unit Head, Mukni Hakim said the four damaged roads on Jalan Pancoran RW 04 were from in front of Glodok Pancoram Chinatown Gate until bridge area.

"It aims to create a sense of safety and comfort for residents and motorists," he expressed, Monday (5/22).

Damaged Roads in Kebon Sirih Repaired

It is carried out by deploying a stamper unit to the location. For roads under repair, average size is 1x1 meter and 2x1 meter.

"This road makes people uncomfortable and now it looks smooth. Thank you for the repair, especially to the West Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-agency," he stated.

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