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Pj Gubernur Tinjau Pelayanan di Puskesmas Kecamatan Pademangan
photo Andri Widiyanto -

Heru Appreciates Services of Pademangan Sub-district Health Center

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, visited the Pademangan Sub-district Community Health Center, Pademangan, North Jakarta, Tuesday (5/23).

I saw the service process

The visit was in order to witness the health services provided to the surrounding community or patients.

Acting Governor assessed the process of recording or collecting patient data at the Pademanganan Sub-district Community Health Center was electronic or computerized.

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"I saw the service process. Here there are several advantages, all have used the system so the doctor records it in a file, the file is recorded electronically so no longer using paper," he expressed.

Besides checking infectious disease services, he also appreciated the Health Center's health service innovation in handling stunting, namely the Pademangan Health Center's Stunting Reducing Intervention Collaboration, also known as Klenting Puspa.

"Each health center has its own innovations to overcome stunting. Thank you to all who have participated in alleviating stunting in Pademangan sub-district," he expressed.

He explained the trend of stunting cases in Jakarta had shown a decline. The Jakarta Government keeps making efforts to collect data and carry out health interventions, thus the stunting problem can be handled and handled properly.

"The efforts we make is to visit, provide nutritious food high in protein and vitamins, educate on healthy eating and living patterns. Not only children, but their parents too. If you have been given additional nutrition, it will be given in a disciplined manner and handled according to procedures or advice from a doctor," he stated.

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