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PAM Jaya Sudah Suplai 457 Rit Tangki Air Bersih
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PAM Jaya Supplies 457 Units of Clean Water Tank to Urban Villages

Perumda PAM Jaya responded quickly to help meet the clean water needs of residents, especially in areas affected by the operation of the City Forest Water Treatment Plant (IPA).

Principally, we immediately take anticipatory and solution steps

Perumda PAM Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin said the clean water emergency aid supply has been carried out since September 9, 2023.

"As of September 19, the clean water assistance that has been distributed is recorded at 457 units or the equivalent of 1,828 cubic meters. PAM Jaya is continuing to deliver clean water supplies to residents in need," he expressed, Monday (9/25).

PAM Jaya Supplies Clean Water for Pertamina Depot Fire Evacuees

He detailed the Kalideres Urban Village received 176 units of clean water tanks, Pluit received 86 units, Pegadungan received 120 units, and Muara Angke received 45 units.

"Then Kapuk Muara Urban Village receives 19 units and Semanan receives 11 units," he explained.

He explained the current dry season and the impact of El Nino have resulted in a decrease in raw water supplies, thus residents who still normally use groundwater have difficulty getting clean water.

"The impact of drought or dryness is occurring in almost all regions of Indonesia. Principally, we immediately take anticipatory and solution steps, thus Jakarta residents can still have access to clean water," he explained.

According to him, PAM Jaya keeps working to maximize the water service coverage target of 100 percent in Jakarta by 2030 which can be realized.

"Gradually, we will meet the milestones that have been set. The company is committed to realizing water sovereignty in Jakarta because water is also a basic human need," he uttered.

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