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Pemkab Kepulauan Seribu Akan Gelar Pesta Rakyat Jelang HUT Ke-22
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Junaedi: Folk Party at Cinta Bridge to Enliven Seribu Islands' 22nd Anniversary

The Seribu Islands Regency administration is set to hold a Folk Party in the Cinta Bridge area, Tidung Island, South Seribu Islands in the upcoming Seribu Islands Regency's 22nd Anniversary, which falls on November 9, 2023.

This party will be different and lively, including its location

Seribu Islands Regent, Junaedi said the related regional apparatuses (OPD) were assigned to participate and support the party. One of them was the Seribu Islands Tourism and Creative Economy Sub-agency (Parekraf) which will hold arts and music entertainment and various competitions.

"This party will be different and lively, including its location. We'll also inaugurate the Cinta Bridge which has been revitalized," he expressed, Monday (10/16).

Want to Perform at Seribu Islands Band Music Festival? Here's How to Register

Aside that, he and the committee had surveyed the bridge and installed several pots and trees along it to make it look shady and beautiful. Then 500 pots had been installed or 200 meters long had been filled.

"The bridge now looks more colorful and there is a dancing fountain," he added.

Seribu Islands Culture Sub-agency Head, Tony Bako added the Seribu Islands Cultural Tradition event would also be held at Tidung Island Lampu Delapan Square.

"We also have a traditional cooking competition with participants from six urban village heads and a boat decorating competition for fishermen in Seribu Islands," he stated.

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