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Pj Gubernur Dorong Pengembangan Pariwisata di Kepulauan Seribu
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Propose to Revoke Bylaw No. 11/1992, Heru Pushes Tourism Development in Seribu Islands

Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, delivered his response to the Factions' General Views regarding the Draft Bylaw on the Revocation of Regional Regulation Number 11/1992 on the Arrangement and Management of the Seribu Islands, North Jakarta.

Each development of basic infrastructure has been pursued

The Acting Governor emphasized that development in the Seribu Islands is expected to be more productive, in line with the goals of tourism development and accommodating the interests of all residents at large.

"In development planning in Jakarta, the implementation strategy must take into account inclusive development patterns, including in the Seribu Islands administration Regency area. This is in line with the contents of the draft bylaw proposal regarding the Jakarta Spatial and Regional Planning (RTRW) which integrates land, sea, coastal, and small island spaces. The synchronization of spatial planning is also in line with the Job Creation Law," he explained, on the sidelines of Plenary Meeting at the City Council Building, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Monday (11/20).

Locals and Tourists Enjoy JakWiFi Services on Tidung Island

He then responded regarding the equal distribution of infrastructure provision in the Seribu Islands. Currently, the provision of basic infrastructure, starting from access to transportation, access to electrical energy, clean water, telecommunications, and other programs to support the provision of public facilities and infrastructure has become a main concern in the Jakarta Government's development program.

"Each development of basic infrastructure has been pursued with provision mechanisms through government programs, and also through provision synergies involving the private sector and the community," he expressed, in the Jakarta Government's press release.

Regarding the limited land for Public Cemeteries (TPU) in the Seribu Islands administration Regency area, he furthered, there has now been a bright spot. The Jakarta Government had prepared an Action Plan for Providing Green Open Space (RTH) by considering the estimated population and level of land availability.

As for policies oriented to mitigating the threat of climate change and rising sea levels, he emphasized that every policy prepared to increase development has taken into consideration the handling of policy impacts and risks.

"The implementation of development programs in Jakarta has included sustainability aspects, including the implementation of policies in marine, coastal areas, and small islands," he explained.

To realize food security for Seribu Islands people, regulations related to the Zoning Plan for Coastal Areas and Small Islands (RZWP3K) which have been integrated into the RTRW Draft Bylaw, have included policies aimed at improving welfare, including maintaining food security.

"Holistic policies will be an effort to realize socio-economic improvement in the Seribu Islands region. Then, to realize ease of doing business, the executive is committed to speeding up the investment service process, as well as facilitating business activities, including in the Seribu Islands region," he added.

He also responded to asset governance in the Seribu Islands region. According to him, Jakarta Government officials were in the process of improving land management and regional planning to realize aspects of justice for the community. In line with it, optimizing the use of assets belonging to the Jakarta Government was also carried out for the benefit of residents.

Efforts to accelerate tourism development in the Seribu Islands are also one of the focuses of discussions that were responded to by the Acting Governor. He said, the development direction in Seribu Islands is to encourage an increase in ecologically based tourism activities.

It is stated in Governor Regulation Number 31/2022 on RDTR for Jakarta Planning Area. This regulation explains the allocation of space utilization for tourism activities which has been designated as a Tourism Zone (Zone W) in Seribu Islands, and it is hoped that investment for tourism can increase.

Lastly, regarding the issue of building provisions in the Seribu Islands region which is hampered by limited space utilization intensity, he is of the view that the Governor's Regulation on the RDTR for the Jakarta Planning Area stipulates that the building rights contained in the intensity of space utilization have been given more than the previous value. The intensity value has taken into account geological and ecological aspects, as well as the carrying capacity and capacity of the area.

"This is the broad outline of the Draft Bylaw on the Revocation of Bylaw Number 11/1992 on the Arrangement and Management of Seribu Islands, North Jakarta. "Hopefully this explanation will help expedite discussions, thus the Council can carefully consider the Draft Bylaw, thus it is approved as a Bylaw," he closed.

Reporter: Folmer

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