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Ragam Langkah Pemprov DKI Siaga Hadapi Musim Hujan dan Penanggulangan Banjir
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Here are Jakarta's Steps to Face Rainy Season

The Jakarta Provincial Government has prepared various preparedness steps for the rainy season.

We keep improving coordination with BPBD

Synergy between regional officials was made to ensure that flood management can run optimally.

Based on the Greater Jakarta rainfall distribution map issued by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) from November 29 at 7 AM to November 30, 2023 at 7 AM, shows the occurrence of extreme rain at the IPB Bogor Automatic Weather Station (AWS) with The rainfall intensity is 168.0 mm/day. Very heavy rain was also monitored through the West Java Climatology Station at 148.0 mm/day and the Katulampa Water Gate at 140.4 mm/day, where the rain station observation location was in the upstream of the Ciliwung river basin (DAS).

Heavy Rain, 45 Neighborhoods in Jakarta Inundated

Based on data from the Jakarta Regional Mitigation Agency (BPBD), flooding occurred in several areas in Jakarta due to overflowing water from the Ciliwung River. Data from the Jakarta Water Resources Agency (SDA) noted that at 11 AM the Depok Peilschaal located on the Ciliwung River showed a Danger Status with a Water Level (TMA) of 356 cm. This water discharge became a water shipment that inundated several areas in Jakarta. The overflow of water that occurs can be pumped when the water flow in the river has gradually receded.

"The inundation handling conducted by the SDA Agency is by alerting the task force in the field and operating pumps, both stationary and mobile pumps. We keep improving coordination with BPBD, Jakarta Environment (LH) Agency, mayors, Sub-district heads, Urban Village heads, RT/RW, and other stakeholders for flood handling," explained Jakarta SDA Agency Acting Head, Ika Agustin Ningrum, in the Jakarta Government's press release.

She continued the flood handling facilities and infrastructure that were on standby were 578 stationary pumps in 202 locations, 251 units of heavy equipment, 557 units of mobile pumps, 845 units of sluice gates in 589 locations, and blue troops with 4,189 personnel.

"We also carry out outreach efforts to all stakeholders and the public through social media, as well as inviting the public to maintain a clean environment, such as cleaning water channels, from the gutter in front of the house to the canal/river, and not throwing garbage carelessly," she expressed.

Jakarta BPBD Head, Isnawa Adji added his party had alerted 267 Disaster Management/Quick Reaction Team (TRC) personnel in every sub-district in Jakarta. It aimed to accelerate coordination and disaster handling.

"BPBD continues to disseminate the latest weather information and Water Level (TMA) conditions to the public via social media channels and the website. We also provide early warning information regarding the increase in TMA through the Disaster Early Warning System (DEWS) and SMS Blast, as well as early weather warnings via the website, social media, WhatsApp Group, and Telegram Channel, thus people are alert,"  he uttered.

BPBD also checked flood prevention facilities, including tents, boats, ring buoys, jackets, and life jackets. The personnel also held a simulation of setting up tents in 25 flood-prone urban villages, as well as several sub-districts that are potentially flood-prone. The public can report via the JAKI application or other official complaint channels if they experience flooding conditions.

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