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Terminal Bus Kalideres Tanam 20 Pohon Produktif
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20 Trees Planted in Kalideres Bus Terminal Area

Some 20 trees were planted in the Kalideres AKAP Terminal area, Jalan Daan Mogot, KM 16, Kalideres, West Jakarta.

It is done to make the terminal greener, more shady, and beautiful

Kalideres AKAP Terminal Head, Revi Zulkarnain said the tree planting was conducted to reforest and minimize the impact of climate change and air pollution.

"It is done to make the terminal greener, more shady, and beautiful," he expressed, Saturday (12/1).

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According to him, the types of productive trees planted included Jamaican Guava, Sapodilla, Mango, Starfruit, and so on.

"Hopefully, the community will help maintain it, thus the trees grow big and the fruit can be enjoyed together," he stated.

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