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Food Station Segera Distribusikan Beras Komersial ke Seluruh Ritel di Jabodetabek
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Food Station Prepares Commercial Rice for All Retailers in Greater Jakarta

PT Food Station Tjipinang Jaya is set to start distributing commercial rice to all retailers in the Greater Jakarta area in stages today, Tuesday (2/13).

We'll send less than 1,000 tons of rice stocks today

PT Food Station President Director, Pamrihadi Wiraryo said the rice stock in his place reached 34,000 tons or above the drinking stock of 30,000 tons.

"Insya Allah (Thank God), we'll send less than 1,000 tons of rice stocks today whose selling price is Rp 13,900 for the public. There are 50,000 tons from the State Logistics Agency (Bulog). We package and mix with local products. The current FS stock is 34,000 tons and the minimum stock is 30,000 tons so it is above normal," he expressed, Tuesday (2/13).

Cross-Sector Synergy Expected to Present New Commodities for Cheap Groceries in Jakarta

This step was taken to follow up on instructions from the National Food Agency (Bapanas) to prepare the distribution of premium/commercial rice to all retailers in the Greater Jakarta area.

Bapanas Head, Arief Prasetyo Adi uttered that as many as 50,000 out of 200,000 tons of commercial rice prepared by Bulog was allocated to the Jakarta area. Its distribution was targeted to reach modern and traditional markets no later than March 31, 2024.

"According to the Acting Governor and Food Station Director's request, there are 50,000 tons. The Food Station will prepare them to be distributed to all modern markets," he explained, when he surveyed the Cipinang Rice Main Market (PIBC).

Together with the Bulog Director, the BUMN Ministry would ensure that rice loading and unloading from the port is directly distributed to the Cipinang Main Market, East Jakarta, which aims to anticipate the scarcity of rice on the market.

Thus far, rice stocks at the Cipinang Main Market still tend to be sufficient, namely 34,000 tons. Thereby, he wanted to ensure the rice was distributed well down to the trader level.

Based on the Central Bureau of Statistics Area Sample Frame (KAS BPS), a big harvest would occur in March 2024 and it was predicted that the harvest would reach 3.5 million tons.

"It can't be delayed for long. Bulog has prepared which port to go directly to here. In Cipinang, there is a lot of stock but there is little in the modern market. I ask for help from Bulog, Food Station, Aprindo, our rice millers, and traders to speed up the SPHP rice, print it as soon as possible, and send it to retail," he asserted.

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