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BI Perwakilan DKI Lanjutkan Program Sertifikasi Halal Tahun Ini
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BI Representative Continues Halal Certification Program This Year

Jakarta Branch Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative is set to strengthen programs and synergies to support the achievement of the mandatory halal certification target for MSMEs in Jakarta this year.

Several programs to strengthen halal product guarantees this year

Jakarta Branch BI Representative Head, Arlyana Abubakar said his party would continue the synergy and halal certification facilities for MSMEs in 2024 in collaboration with the Jakarta Provincial Government, the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Study Institute of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI). It is in accordance with the mandate of Law Number 33/2014 on Halal Product Guarantees which was amended into Law Number 11/2020 on Job Creation and Government Regulation Number 39/2021.

"Several programs to strengthen halal product guarantees this year include strengthening the synergy of sharia economic development within the framework of the Sharia Economic and Financial Regional Committee (KDEKS) including the Jakarta Government, the Halal Product Guarantee Organizing Agency (BPJPH), sharia banking and the Islamic Boarding School Business Economic Association (Hebitren), etc," he expressed, Monday (2/19).

West Jakarta Targets to Issue 400 Halal Certifications This Year

He explained BI Representatives together with BPJPH would also conduct halal certification outreach to business actors in the PIK Pantjoran area.

"As well as facilitating halal certification for assisted MSMEs in collaboration with the Jakarta PPUMKM Agency," he explained.

Jakarta Branch BI Representative also focused on developing a "halal center", starting from strengthening institutions, strengthening halal human resources and supporting infrastructure.

"We're also synergizing with the KPKP Agency to strengthen halal certification at animal or poultry slaughterhouses in Jakarta," he added.

Then the halal product guarantee program that will be running in 2023 includes facilitating halal certification for 69 MSMEs assisted or partnered by Jakarta Branch BI. As well as the synergy between the PPKUKM Agency and the Jakarta LPPOM MUI, it also facilitated halal certification for two animal or poultry slaughterhouses and 13 business actors in Jakarta.

"And facilitating halal certification for 48 culinary MSME partners of KPw Jakarta Branch BI in the Istiqlal Mosque area, developing a "halal center" or Halal Product Process Assistance Institution (LP3H) involving mosque administrators and educational institutions in Jakarta. Then training on halal product process assistance and halal supervisor training for MSMEs," he stated.

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