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South Jakarta Kadin Contributes to Overcoming Stunting

The South Jakarta administration keeps collaborating with stakeholders to prevent and overcome the problem of stunting. One of them is the South Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We're holding this talkshow with the aim of providing education to residents

On that occasion, the South Jakarta administration together with the local Kadin held talkshow with the theme "Preventing Stunting, Maintaining the Health of Mothers and Children" at the Baung Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA), Kebagusan Urban Village, Pasar Minggu Sub-district.

South Jakarta Kadin Chairman, Akhmad Lafranta said this collaborative activity with the South Jakarta administration targets 100 participants consisting of mothers and toddlers, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and PKK cadres throughout Kebagusan Urban Village.

Assistance Given to Toddler Indicated with Stunting in Kebayoran Baru

"We're holding this talkshow with the aim of providing education to residents, especially mothers with toddlers, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, thus everyone understands and knows how to overcome stunting since pregnancy and toddlers who are more than two years old," he expressed, Wednesday (2/28).

He explained the talk show, which presented competent speakers from the BKKBN, nutritionists and public figures, was also accompanied by the delivery of additional food assistance (PMT) to meet the nutritional needs of toddlers.

"We'll strengthen cooperation with the South Jakarta administration to handle stunting. Last year, we held interventions for hundreds of stunted toddlers," he explained.

Kebagusan Urban Village Head, Rudi Budjianto expressed his gratitude for the activities conducted to prevent and deal with stunting in his area.

"Hopefully, the participants present, especially PKK cadres, can disseminate information regarding the anticipation and prevention of stunting. So, in Kebagusan, there can always be zero stunting," he stated.

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