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Sylviana Murni Apresiasi Penerapan E-Budgetting di Pemprov DKI
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Sylviana Murni Appreciates City for Implementing E-Budgeting

Regional Representative Council (DPD) Senator, Sylviana Murni appreciates Jakarta Government for implementing e-Budgeting.

Government is expected to use it thus transparent budgeting can be realized

She assessed, e-Budgeting is one of City's policy to realize a good governance and clean government.

"E-Budgeting implementation is important as the electronic budgeting system. Government is expected to use it thus transparent budgeting can be realized," she conveyed, Wednesday (12/25).

Anies Responses General Views of All DPRD Factions Toward Raperda 2020 RAPBD

According to her, this system is in line with Government Regulation (PP) No. 58/2005 regarding regional finance that should be managed in an orderly manner, obeying the laws and regulations, efficient, economical, effective, transparent, and responsible by paying attention to justice, propriety, and benefits to the community.

"There is a principle of openness that allows public to know and get access to information as wide as possible about regional finances as regulated in the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No. 21/2011," she mentioned.

Jakarta Provincial Government, she continued, has also uploaded the results of 2020 budget priorities and preliminary threshold (KUA-PPAS), as well as the results of Regional Government Budget Team (TAPD), and Jakarta Council (DPRD)'s Budget Agency (Banggar) in a transparent manner through website of

"Besides, that website also publish the City Budget Draft (RAPBD) and City Budget (APBD) thus people can access it easier," she added.

She asked Jakarta Provincial Government and other governments not to hesitate to reveal their obstacles and problems related to the development budget or regional finances to DPD's Public Accountability Board (BAP).

"It is our responsibility as well as our main job and function. So, if there is a problem, let us find the best solution together, including for the central government," she said.

As the DPD's BAP Chairwoman, she explained that her side's role is to examine and follow up on the findings of the Supreme Audit Board (BPK) which indicate to cause state losses unlawfully. Furthermore, it also collects and follows up complaints from the citizens related to alleged corruption and mismanagement in public services.

"We have a role in maintaining accountability in regional performance and finance, facilitating and mediating the settlement of state and regional losses, especially on findings that have indicated corruption," she asserted.

She explained, DPD's BAP has a priority in finalizing (return the loss) quickly and measurably thus it can return to the regional treasury for city development and citizen's welfare.

DPD's BAP will do its role as the parliamentary ombudsman by giving the maximum efforts in accommodating, receiving and following up through mediation and facilitating complaints from communities and regions that indicate maladministration, especially for cases with wide-ranging impacts such as land disputes (groonkart, plantation, agriculture), public service, and neglecting rights of the workers, farmers, fishermen, laborers, then environment violations (amdal), and others.

"We also build strategic and productive partnership with BPK and Apgakum to assist local government in realizing good governance and clean government. BAP's position represents the regional government in realizing the good governance and clean government through prevention, assistance and advocating based on the authority," she closed.

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