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Dewan Dorong PT Transjakarta Revitalisasi Halte Untuk Tambah Fasilitas
photo Adriana Megawati -

Commission B Urges PT. Transjakarta to Revitalize Bus Shelters

Jakarta Council (DPRD) Commission B held meeting (raker) to evaluate PT. Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta)'s working programs in 2019 on Monday (2/3).

We urge them to revitalize

During the meeting, Commission B Chairman, Abdul Aziz urged Transjakarta to revitalize bus shelters with various public facilities such as prayer room and toilet.

"We urge them to revitalize. Because prayer room and toilet are needed by the customers," he said at Jakarta DPRD Building.

DPRD Wants City to Provide Intermodal Integration in Densely Populated Areas

Meanwhile PT. Transjakarta Acting President Director, Yoga Adiwinarto explained, his side will start to equip several bus shelters with prayer room and toilet gradually.

His side plans to equip those facilities in Glodok Bus Shelter, Monas Bus Shelter, Pemuda Rawamangun Bus Shelter, Karet Bus Shelter, Tendean Bus Shelter, and Kuningan Bus Shelter.

"We will continue to focus on developing and improving the quality of our services," he asserted.

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