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Dinas PM dan PTSP Tetap Layani Permohonan SIKM Saat Lebaran
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125,734 People Have Accessed SIKM Services During Eid

We're still continuing to do administrative and technical research on the SIKM permit application

Jakarta Investment and One-step Integrated Services (PM and PTSP) Agency has noted that 125,734 people have accessed the site, to obtain a Jakarta Exit and Entry Permit (SIKM) since it opened on Friday (5/15) to Sunday (5/24) at 6 PM.

Of 125,734 people, 5,247 of them apply for SIKM. There are 299 requests that are still in process and were only submitted as of yesterday afternoon.

May 15-21 Period, 2,256 People Apply for SIKM

"We're still continuing to do administrative and technical research on the SIKM permit application," expressed Jakarta PM and PTSP Agency Head, Benni Aguscandra, Monday (5/25).

He detailed, 635 applicants were waiting for the validation by the guarantor/person in charge. As for the 3,493 applications were rejected and 820 other applications met the requirements.

"There was a surge in SIKM applications on the last day of Ramadan. Up to as per 1 Shawwal 1441 Hijri, there are a total of 1,772 submissions of SIKM requests in just 24 hours," he explained.

According to him, some were rejected, as the applicant was unable to meet the provisions of the verification process in the Permit Administration and Technical Research.

"We rejected 66.6 percent, as they did not meet substantial conditions," he stressed.

He stated most applicants were from outside Jakarta and had travel activities according to the eleven permitted sectors and their activities were in Greater Jakarta.

"We also got a request for a plan to go outside Greater Jakarta for halal bihalal gatherings. Surely we reject it," he stressed.

The first applicant was rejected, as residents from Greater Jakarta did not need to obtain SIKM when doing activities according to the eleven permitted sectors while following the government protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Then, the second request was rejected, as its activities were not permitted during the pandemic period according to applicable laws and regulations.

"We recommend that you stay at home and follow the COVID-19 prevention protocol and obey the laws and regulations relating to PSBB in Jakarta," he explained.

He added the surge also seen in the request for information and consultation services through call centers, live chat, video calls, social media @layananjakarta and online counseling via electronic mail to the email address at

Since SIKM was issued, his side had served 3,927 requests for information request, consultation and related online counseling related to requirements, service mechanisms, legal basis, definitions and procedures for SIKM.

"To handle the surge, we have a live chat service through and online counseling that can be accessed from May 23 to 25 with service schedules starting at 7.30 AM to 10 PM," he uttered.

As for the information, SIKM services are a form of excellent public service and dedication amid the COVID-19 as a national disaster and Eid public holidays.

"With this SIKM, we know those who are allowed to travel outside and/or enter Jakarta are and which Individuals are requested to stay at home," he closed.

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