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Museum dan Gedung Pertunjukan Seni Diizinkan Beroperasi Kembali
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City Allows Museum and Theater Building to Reopen

The person in charge of activities must process technical approval and activity licensing to the competent authority

Jakarta Culture Agency has finally reopened museums, theater buildings, art galleries, exhibition venues and cultural arts training buildings while adhering to health protocols.

In response on this matter, Jakarta Culture Agency Head Iwan Henry Wardhana, issued a circular letter number 672/SE/2020 on the operations of the museum, theater building, art gallery, exhibition venue, and cultural arts training building.

Onrust Island is Now Reopened to Public, Let's Explore It!

According to the letter, the operational time for the museum, art gallery and exhibition venue was set from 8 AM to 5 PM. The number of visitors would be limited a maximum of 50 percent capacity.

As for the theater building and the cultural arts training building, they were adjusted to the technical approval of the building manager. The maximum number of visitors should be 25 percent.

"The person in charge of activities must process technical approval and activity licensing to the competent authority," he told, Thursday (10/15).

For the museum category that reopened was Jakarta History Museum, Taman Prasasti Museum, MH Thamrin Museum, Joang '45 Museum, Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, Textile Museum, Wayang Museum, Maritime Museum, Rumah Si Pitung and Benyamin Sueb Park.

Then for the non-museum category was Bharata Puppet Performance Building, Miss Tjitjih, Art Training Buildings in five cities.

Each facility manager and person in charge of activities must implement the following protocol for preventing the disease:

a. Conduct data collection and recording of visitors in the guest book or information technology systems

b. Entrance ticket payments must be non-cash

c. Service officers must wear a mask, face shield and gloves

d. Facility manager/person in charge of activities must provide a thermometer

e. Facility manager/person in charge of activities must provide a means of washing hands/hand sanitizer

f. Visitors must wash their hands and or use a hand sanitizer

g. Visitors must have their body temperature checked

h. Minimum distance between visitors is 1.5 meters

i. Minimum distance between seats is 1.5 meters

j. Visitors are prohibited from changing seats and passing by

k. Sterilization for eating and drinking utensils

l. No buffet Food service

m. Facility managers/people in charge of activities to sign the integrity pact for COVID-19 Prevention

n. The building must be closed for 3x24 hours for disinfecting if visitor or employee is infected with COVID-19

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