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Pemprov DKI Sampaikan Jawaban Atas Pandangan Umum Dewan Terkait Raperda RDTR dan PZ
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City Responds to General Views Regarding RDTR and PZ Raperda

Jakarta Government held discussion with Jakarta Council (DPRD) in a plenary meeting related to Regional Regulation Draft (Raperda) about Amendments to Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 1/2014 concerning Detailed Spatial Planning and Zoning Regulations (RDTR and PZ).

We express our gratitude for questions, appreciation, support, suggestion, and comments delivered by legislature regarding RDTR and PZ

In this occassion, Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria delivered answer from Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan on general views from several factions regarding Raperda on Monday (12/14).

"We express our gratitude for questions, appreciation, support, suggestion, and comments delivered by legislature regarding RDTR and PZ. We try to respond and answer all views comprehensively related to the strategic matters. In addition, hopefully it can be discussed further at Regional Regulation Forming Agency (Bapemperda) Meeting," he said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

South Jakartans Participation in RDTR-PZ Program Demanded

He said that Raperda Drafting on Amendments to Perda No. 1/2014 is intended to support national strategic projects implementation based on Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 3/2016 concerning Acceleration on National Strategic Projects Implementation and Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 1/2016 of Acceleration on National Strategic Project Implementation.

"Thus it is necessary to make adjustments to the spatial plan of DKI Jakarta Province. Because this Raperda has been drafted since 2017 with the issuance of Perpres and Inpres to follow up and implement the mandate of laws and regulations thus Gubernatorial Decree No. 264/2017 concerning RTRW and RDTR PZ Reviewing is enacted," he mentioned.

In addition, Review (PK) of Perda No. 1/2014 is carried out by reviewing articles and policies that are affected by dynamics of national development, policies on new laws and regulations, as well as internal dynamics and actual conditions of space utilization on spatial planning issues and city's new policies. Therefore, PK result's recommendation are included in Gubernatorial Decree No. 1923/2017 concerning Recommendations for Revision of Perda No. 1/2014 about RDTR and PZ. This PK is also assessed as the continuation of RDTR Revision in 2017.

"Through studies, evaluations and assessments, there are several provisions in Perda No. 1/2014 that need to be amended and perfected. There are 130 articles out of total 672 articles which is 19.34% whose substances have undergone amendments and improvements," he added.

Based on Article 20 of Agrarian Spatial Planning Ministry/National Land Agency Regulation No. 6/2017 concerning Procedures for Reviewing Regional Spatial Planning Plans, he continued, if the contents of plan change by less than 20% then it will be followed up with changes in legislation.

In Raperda on Amendments to Perda No. 1/2014 concerning RDTR and PZ, it has accommodated National Strategic Projects (PSN) based on Presidential Regulation No. 3/2016 concerning Acceleration on National Strategic Projects Implementation that pass through Jakarta Province, consisting of:

1) Plans for providing road-based movement network, including: - Jalan Akses Tanjung Priok; - Jalan Tol Cengkareng - Kunciran; - Jalan Tol Cibitung- Cilincing; - Jalan Tol Depok - Antasari, - Jalan Tol Bekasi - Cawang - Kampung Melayu; - Jalan Tol Sunter - Rawa Buaya - Batu Ceper; - Jalan Tol Semanan -Sunter, - Jalan Tol Sunter- Pulo Gebang; - Jalan Tol Duri Pulo - Kampung Melayu; - Jalan Tol Kemayoran - Kampung Melayu - Jalan Tol Ulujami - Tanah Abang; and - Jalan Tol Pasar Minggu - Casablanca.

2) Plans to provide a rail-based movement network between cities, by constructing High Speed Train for Jakarta - Bandung route.

3) Plans to provide rail-based movement network within city, include: a) Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta North-South Corridors; MRT Jakarta East-West Corridors; b) Integrated Light Rail Transit (LRT) that covers Jakarta, Bogor, Depok and Bekasi; c) LRT Jakarta Advanced Phase or II Phase; d) Elevated Inner Loop Line Jatinegara, Tanah Abang, Kemayoran; and 2) SHIA express train (Soekarno Hatta-Sudirman).

4) Public Housing Construction Plan - One Million Houses Program

5) Coastal Sea Wall Development Plan of National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) Phase A

6)Providing Communal Wastewater Treatment (Jakarta Sewerage System)

7) Port capacity development, including Kalibaru Port Development and Inland Waterways Cikarang - Bekasi - Java Sea

8) Accelerating provision of transportation, electricity, and clean water infrastructures in Thousand Islands National Strategic Tourism Area (KSPN)

"Those PSN plans have been mentioned in spatial pattern plan, spatial structure plan, and zoning regulations in the Revised Amendment to Perda. We also review internal dynamics that occur in the capital," he conveyed.

Internal dynamics in Jakarta are related to Regional Strategic Activities (KSD), such as; problems related to flexibility in space utilization activities, technical provisions for building layout, housing policies, provision of integrated waste and waste processing facilities, water management and flood control, as well as waqf land problems, utilization, and optimization, incentives and disincentives, optimizing government assets utilization for Regional Government and BUMN/BUMD, with improvements in Articles' contents.

By increasing green open space area, he wants to show that Jakarta Government remains committed to meet the green open space target percentage in accordance with the mandate of Law No. 26/2007 concerning Spatial Planning.

One of its efforts is to allocate budget to City Park and Forest Agency for land acquisition in the context to provide green open space and Water Resources (SDA) Agency for land acquisition to provide blue open space. Land acquisition mechanism to increase green and blue open spaces is following the provisions in Law No. 2/2012 concerning Land Acquisition for Public Interest Development.

With limited space available for green open space, Jakarta Government is committed to innovate in green space index implementation by emphasizing the quality of green open spaces functionally, as well as implementing Green Building Area such as roof garden, balcony garden, green walls, and others.

"Regarding target to provide blue open space, it is based on Perda No. 1/2012 concerning RTRW 2030 which is 5% of Jakarta regions, including channels, rivers, flood canals, lakes, and reservoirs," he closed.

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