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Kecamatan Duren Sawit Gelar Rapat Terbuka di Lokasi Penutupan Jalan
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Duren Sawit Tries to Overcome Inundation on Jl. Teluk Tomini

Duren Sawit Sub-district Secretary, Ali Mansyur Siregar conveyed several solutions to overcome inundation on Jl. Teluk Tomini RW 10, Komplek TNI AL (navy army), Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta.

We are also going to prepare mobile pumps

Several policies were agreed upon after Duren Sawit apparatuses held a meeting with residents on Jl. Teluk Tomini RW 10, Komplek TNI AL, Pondok Bambu, on Monday (1/17). It was attended by urban village, Water Resources (SDA) Unit, Bina Marga Sub-agency, RT/RW 10 and 11 administrators, LMK 10 and 11, local Babinsa and Bimaspol.

In this year, his side will propose for sheet pile repairing and dredging on the connecting channel located on Jl. Teluk Sibolga and Jl. Bulu Perindu 1. As well as functioning crossing channel on Jl. Bulu Perindu 1, Jl. Teluk Sibolga, and Jl. Teluk Arafuru.

East Jakarta SDA will Build 50 Water Channels This Year

At the same location, a floodgate was also set in the planning to prevent inundation from connecting channel on Jl. Laut Banda to Jl. Buluh Perindu 1, Jl. Teluk Tomini, until residential area.

"To maximize it, mobile pumps will be prepared in residential area," he mentioned.

In 2020, he added, the Jakarta Government had dredged channel along 500 meters from Jl. Teluk Sibolga until Jl. Buluh Perindu 1.

Then, his side built alternative crossing channels and added more channels to Jl. Laut Banda along 300 meters, with dimension of one meter and 1.5 meter deep. Then it continued to build crossing channel along 20 meters with dimension of 2x2 meters.

"Surely, many efforts have been done in providing security, comfort, and overcoming flood in the location," he stated.

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