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20 Jakpreuner Pulau Panggang Dibekali Keahlian Sablon Digital
photo Budhi Firmansyah Surapati -

Panggang Island Jakpreneur Joins Digital Screen Printing Training

Some 20 participants of small and medium industry (IKM) who are members of Jakpreneur under Seribu Islands Industry Trade Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Sub-agency (PPKUKM) in Panggang Island Urban Village, South Seribu Islands Sub-district take part in digital screen printing training.

It has been ongoing from yesterday until today

The training held at the Pramuka Island Community Center presented two types of screen printing techniques, namely, Polyflex (using polyflex material to glue the mold) and Sublimation (using a heat press machine).

Seribu Islands PPKUKM Sub-agency Head Bangun Richard said it is part of a series of digital screen printing collaboration training with PT Rhino Indonesia.

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"It has been ongoing from yesterday until today," he expressed, Wednesday (7/20).

According to him, digital screen printing is one of the potential regional industries which is currently being developed by the Jakarta government as a form of support for the creative industry. It was very suitable to be developed by Jakpreneurs, as the process was easy and minimal waste.

So, he appreciated PT Rhino Indonesia's support and collaboration to develop the entrepreneurial potential of creative industries in Seribu Islands.

"This is a positive collaboration to support the Integrated Entrepreneurship Development program," he stated.

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