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Kebon Jeruk Akan Adakan Bazar Akhir Pekan Ini
photo Wuri Setyaningsih -

Kebon Jeruk to Hold Jakpreneur Merdeka Bazaar

The Kebon Jeruk Sub-district, West Jakarta is about to hold the Jakpreneur Merdeka Bazaar on Jalan Karmel Raya, RT 02/04, Kebon Jeruk Urban Village, from July 23-24, 2022.

Hopefully, the local economy and SMEs will continue to rise

Kebon Jeruk Sub-district Industry Trade Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (PPKUKM) Executing Unit Head Aris Nawati said there would be around 30 SMEs who will occupy 15 booths.

"One booth can be filled with two SMEs, 30 chairs, a table, and a generator," she stated, Thursday (7/21).

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To make it more lively, he collaborated with the Sang Timur School to organize a drawing competition, and the Maria Bunda Karmel Church to direct its congregation to shop at the bazaar.

"Payment uses QRis Jakpreneur. However, if there are visitors who want to pay cash, there will be seven officers on duty to help them make cashless transactions," she added.

Through the bazaar, she also wanted to educate residents regarding cashless payments. The target income of participants is at least Rp 5 million per day.

Kebon Jeruk Urban Village Head Achmad Mawardi hoped that it could stimulate the local economy, especially those who have home industry businesses in their area.

"Hopefully, the local economy and SMEs will continue to rise," he hoped.

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