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DTKJ Cari Solusi Penataan Parkir Liar On Street
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DTKJ to Hold Discussions for On-Street Illegal Parking Solutions

The Jakarta City Transportation Council (DTKJ) is about to hold a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Wednesday (8/3), which aims to find a strategy to overcome illegal parking in the capital.

FGD is held to support the arrangement of illegal on-street parking

It is because locations spread across Jakarta still have the potential to be used as illegal parking lots.

They stated illegal parking on the sidewalk was very annoying to pedestrians. Therefore, law enforcement was needed in locations prone to illegal parking.

DTKJ Conveys Developments and Recommendations on Bicycle Infrastructure Services

"FGD is held to support the arrangement of on-street illegal parking which has an impact on traffic congestion in Jakarta area," expressed DTKJ Chairman Haris Muhammadun in a written statement received by, Monday (8/1).

It would present some speakers, namely Massdes Aroufy from Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub); Dishub's Parking Technical Unit Head Adji Kusambarto; and Polda Metro Jaya's Traffic Directorate Chief Com. Pol. Edi Purwanto.

Then Jakarta Capital Investment and One-Stop Service Agency (DPMPTSP) Head Benni Aguscandra; Chess Sigit Nugroho from National General Accessibility Movement (GAUN); Trisakti Institute of Transportation and Logistics Rector Tjuk Sukardiman; and Alfred Sitorus from Pedestrian Coalition.

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