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Atlet DKI Sumbang 22 Medali Emas di SEA Games
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Jakarta Athletes Donate 22 Gold Medals at Cambodian SEA Games

Athletes from Jakarta also made a major contribution to the Indonesian contingent in the SEA Games XXXII in Cambodia.

Thank God, this is part of Success Jakarta for Indonesia in the field of sports

Athletes were capable of exceling by contributing 22 gold, 20 silver, and 26 bronze medals for Indonesia out of a total of 87 gold, 80 silver, and 109 bronze medals.

Jakarta Youth and Sports (Dispora) Agency Head, Andri Yansyah said athletes who joined the Indonesian contingent in the Cambodian SEA Games totaled 129 athletes out of a total of 599 athletes.

Hundreds of Indonesian National Team Athletes Participate in Sea Games Champion Parade

"Thank God, this is part of Success Jakarta for Indonesia in the field of sports. Moreover, there is an athlete or football player from Jakarta, Muhammad Ferrari who is part of Garuda Muda squad, has succeeded in leading the Indonesian National Team to become a champion or win gold after 32 years," he expressed, after the shooting event with comedian Alfiansyah Bustami or better known as Komeng and Rudy Sipit at Ragunan PPOP, South Jakarta, Thursday (5/25).

He highly appreciates and thanks the athletes who have won medals and those who have not won medals for the struggle that has been carried out for the nation and the country.

"I believe all have fought in earnest. I ask everyone to continue to train hard, thus future achievements will be even more brilliant," he explained.

According to him, the Jakarta Govermment was committed to advance achievements in the field of sports through continuous and comprehensive coaching.

"We have Sustainable Achievement Sports Development or POPB for ages 15 and under. Then, coaching continued through the Student Sports Training Center or PPOP in Ragunan for middle to high school ages," he added.

He added the coaching must go on. After the concentration at PPOP, there is still the next level, namely Student Training Development Center (PPLM).

"Further, athlete coaching is carried out through regional training camp (Pelatda) to (Pelatnas). The coaching we do is a form of real contribution to the nation and state. This is because around 25 percent of the original athletes who competed in the SEA Games were able to win medals. Hopefully, it will increase even more in the future," he added.

He explained the Jakarta Government was also committed to giving awards to athletes from Jakarta who compete in local and international sports competitions.

"Every sporting event such as PON, SEA Games, Asian Games to the Olympics we give awards or appreciation. Like what? We will discuss. God willing, there will be something like what we have given to medal-winning athletes at Vietnam SEA Games," he uttered.

Here are medal-winning athletes in Cambodia's SEA Games XXXII:

- GOLD -

1. Athletics/Women's Marathon/Odekta Elvina Naibaho

2. Martial Art/Female Singlep/Puspa Arum Sari

3. Hockey Indoor/Men's Team/Astri Rahmad

4. Swimming/Women's 50m Backstroke/Masniari Wolf

5. Kun Bakator/Men’S Duo Group Performance/Gema Nur Arifin, Yazid Hanifam Kurniawan

6. Volleyball Indoor/Mens Team/Dio Zulfikri

7. Athletics/Men’s 4x100m Relay/Bayu Kertanegara & Wahyu Setiawan

8. Cricket/Womens Six/Mia Arda Leta, Yulia Anggraeni, Rahmawati Dwi Pangestuti, Ni Made Putri Suwandewi

9. E-Sport/Valorant-PC/Kevin Gunawan, Sheldon Andersen, Oliver Budi Wangge, and Bryan Carlos Setiawan

10. Badminton/Mens Team/Christian Adinata, Yeremia Eric Yoche Yakob

11. E-Sport/MLBB Women’s/Isnaini Nurfajrih Machdita, Vivi Indrawaty, Viorelle Valencia Chen

12. Wushu/Men's Changquan/Edgar Xavuer Marvelo

13. Finswiming/Mixed 400m Relay/Harvey Hubert Marcello Hutasuhut

14. Finswiming/Men’s 100m Bi Fins Frestyle/Harvey Hubert Marcello Hutasuhut

15. TBR/ Men’s 12 crew U-24/Lukman Nulhakim

16.Woman Basketball 5X5/Payton Alexis whitted

17. Wrestling/Men's Brego Roman 77kg/ andika Sulaeman  

18.Jetski/Endurance Runsbout Open/Aero Sutan Aswar

19. Badminton/Men's Single/Christian Adinata

20. Badminton/Men's Double/Yeremia Eric Yoche Yakob R

21. Football/Muhammad adisatryo and Muhamad Ferarri

22. E-Sport/PUBG Mobile Mixed Team/Eksarachman Jayanto


1. Karate/Women's Team Kata/Dian Monika Nababan, Anugrah Nurul Lucky, and Emilia Sri Hanandyta

2. Kun Bakator/Men's Single Bokator Spirit Form/Alfadhila Ramadhan

3. Kun Bakator/Men's phkak form Single/Yazid Hanifam Kurniawan

4. Soft Tennis/Women’s Team/Siti Nur Arasy

5. Soft Tennis/Women’s Team/Voni Darlina

6. Martial Art/Women's Tanding under 45-kg Class/Suci Wulandari

7. Martial Art/Men's Tanding Class C/Muhammad Yachser Arafah

8. Wushu/Men's Daoshu Gunshu/Edgar Xavier Marvelo

9. Badminton/Women's Team/Rachel Aliessya Rose and Stephanie

10. Wushu/Women's Changquan/Eugenia Diva Widodo

11. Golf/Women's Team/Holly Victoria Halim/Kristina Natalia Yoko

12. TBR/ Men’s 12 Crews (U24) 500m/Lukman Nulhakim

13. Cricket/Women's T50/Mia Arda Leta, Yulia Anggraeni, Rahmawati Dwi Pangestuti, and Ni Made Putri Suwandewi

14. Finswiming/Men's 50m Bi Fins/Harvey Hubert Marcello Hutasuhut

15. Soft Tenis/Women's Team/Allif Nafilah

16. Cricket/Women T20I/Mia Arda Leta, Yulia Anggraini, Rahmadewi Dwi P, and Ni Made Suwandewi

17. Boxing/Men's 57-kg/Asri Udin

18. Boxing/Men's 54-kg/Aldoms Suguro

19. Boxing/Women's 57-kg/Ratna Sari Devi

20. Badminton/Women's Single/Rachel Allesya Rose


1. Hockey Indoor/Women's Team Indoor/Novita Natalia Since, Annur Amalia El Islamy

2. Kun Bakator/Women's Single Bare Hand Form/Dwi Jayanti

3. Kun Bakator/Men's Single Bamboo Shield Form/Gema Nur Arifin

4. Soft Tennis/Women's Double/Voni Darlina and Siti Nur Arasy

5. Basketball 3x3/Women's Team/Kimberly and Agustin Gtadita Retong

6. Obstacle Race/Men’s Relay/Fahrun

7. Karate/Women's Individual Kumite -68kg/Ceyco Zevanya Hutagalung

8. Karate/Men's Individual Kumite -67kg/Tebing Hutapea

9. Kun Bokator/Men's Combat 55-kg/Obaja Halomoan Sianturi

10. Athletic/Women’s 5,000m/Odekta Elvina Naibaho

11. Athletic/Men’s 1,500m/Wahyudi Putra

12. Gymnastic/Floor Exercise/Joseph Judah Hatoguan

13. Swimming/Women’s 100m Backstroke/ Angel Gabriella Yus

14. Athletics/Women’s 10,000m/Odekta Elvina Naibaho

15. Golf/Men's Team/Jonathan Xavier Hartono

16. TBR/Mix 12 Crews U24 250m/Cinta Priendtisca Nayomi

17. Tenis/Women's Double/Fitriana Sabrina

18. Fencing/Men's Sabre Team/Muhammad Irfandi Nurkamil/Ricky Dhisullimah

19. Judo/Men's 73-kg/Qori Amrulllah Al Haq Nugraha

20. Judo/Women's 44-kg/Shifa Aulia

21. Judo/Women's 48-kg/ Meli Marta Rosita

22. Taekwono/Men's Under 63kg/Muhammad Bassam Raihan

23. Boxing/Women's 54-kg/Novita Sinadia

24. Dance Sport/Women Breaking Individu/Dwi Cindy Desyana

25. Jetski/Endurance Runabout Open/Aqsa Sutan Aswar

26. Jetski/Runabout Stock/Aqsa Sutan Aswar

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