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 Lembutnya Tape Uli Nyai Asqa di Setu Babakan
photo Rudi Hermawan -

Miss Tape Uli?, You Can Visit Nyai Asqa's Stall at Setu Babakan

Jakarta or Betawi is known to have a wealth of culture, ranging from arts to culinary that are popular in the community.

To make 15 pieces of uli and 20 bowls of tape need three liters of glutinous rice and tape. I'm selling them at Rp 30,000

But as the times develop, the typical Betawi culinary slowly disappears and can only be found during big festival celebrations.

Let's Find Out Making Betawi Dodol Nyak Mai in Setu Babakan

One of them is tape uli (made from fermented glutinous basis), which is now still preserved by a Betawian native descendant named Saanih (57) or familiarly called Nyai Asqa.

She expressed the process of making tape uli requires a long time. That is by soaking glutinous rice for 11 hours and then washed and drained before steaming.

"Then the sticky rice is sprinkled with grated coconut, salt and stirred and followed by steaming," she explained, Monday (7/29).

As for the making tape is the same. It must washed at first and then soaked for two hours. After that, we drain and steam until cooked. It is then given with sugar and yeast that has been previously pounded.

"Its process can take up to two nights in order to make it pure white, soft, savory, chewy and sweet. It really needs patience," she told.

This recipe that she gets from his mother can last for one week in the refrigerator. The tape is wrapped in a small transparent plastic and uli is usually served with banana leaves wrapped.

"To make 15 pieces of uli and 20 bowls of tape need three liters of glutinous rice and tape. I'm selling them at Rp 30,000," she explained.

So, for those of you who want to taste it can come to Setu Babakan, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta while accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee on the edge of Setu.

It opens from 10 AM-5 PM every Monday until Friday and at 9 AM-6 PM every weekend. Do you want to order, but you must book first at least two days in advance," she told.

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