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Catat Sejarah, Tim Sepak Takraw Putri DKI Putus Dominasi Jatim
photo Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing -

Jakarta Women's Sepak Takraw Team Breaks Down East Java's Dominance

Jakarta women's sepak takraw team won gold at National Sports Week (PON) XX as well as breaking the dominance of East Java since PON XVII was held in East Kalimantan.

Thank God, we finally managed to defeat East Java at PON XX final

Jakarta Sepak Takraw Team Manager, Dahlan said, East Java women's sepak takraw team has always won gold in previous three PON events.

"Thank God, we finally managed to defeat East Java at PON XX final," he conveyed, Tuesday (10/12).

Jakartan Swimmers Win Three Gold, One Silver and Two Bronze at PON XX

He explained that Jakarta women's sepak takraw team succeeded in overthrowing East Java team in double event team, at GOR Trikora, Cenderawasih University, Jayapura, Wednesday (9/29).

The final match for women's double event team was quite tight. In the first team, Jakarta had to compete in three sets with score 21-15, 15-21 and 21-14.

Meanwhile, East Java managed to excel in second team with score 15-21, 21-18 and 19-21. In the deciding team, Jakarta women's sepak takraw team won in two sets straight with score 21-18 and 21-19.

"Not only won the gold medal, Jakarta women's sepak takraw team also won silver medal in Quadrant after winning one set from South Sulawesi (17-21, 21-11 and 21-14)," he mentioned.

Jakarta men's sepak takraw team also managed to win bronze medal from men's double event.

"Actually, we have targeted two gold medals from sepak takraw, but we missed the men's team. I think for sepak takraw, their skills are mostly the same and the competition is quite fierce," he added.

But he admitted that he was quite satisfied with Jakarta sepak takraw athletes performances. The men's sepak takraw team which usually struggles to beat Riau, has managed to beat it in PON XX.

"Jakarta women's team has also shown good progress. In the last two PONs, they always lost to East Java, but in PON XX we managed to beat East Java in all numbers," he stated.

In PON XX, he informed, Jakarta's sepak takraw contingent were consisted of seven male and seven female athletes, as well as three coaches for men and women teams

"We hope to achieve higher achievements at PON XXI in Aceh and Medan in 2024," he asserted.

He appreciated Jakarta Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) who had facilitated optimally starting from departure and accompanied the contingent in Papua.

"We are also happy to be welcomed by Jakarta KONI Deputy Chairperson 4 and their ranks when arrived in Jakarta. This is a form of attention that makes athletes, coaches and me as a manager feel happy. Because we feel that our struggles are appreciated and get attention," he closed.

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