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KPKP Launches Jakpreneur Production Kitchen in Klender

The Jakarta Food Security, Marine, and Agriculture (KPKP) Agency launched Jakpreneur Production Kitchen at the Small Processing Unit (SPU) of TC Pertanian Klender on Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Klender, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, on Thursday (6/30).

That way, the safety of the food they produced can be guaranteed

MSMEs are currently developing various processed products for business. The Jakpreneur Production Room was launched to overcome problems and limitations owned by Jakpreneurs under KPKP Agency by providing proper kitchen equipment and utensils.

Moreover, it was one of the requirements to obtain a processed food distribution permit because the Jakpreneurs were required to have a separate kitchen from the home kitchen.

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Therefore, the Jakpreneur Production Kitchen was expected to help Jakpreneurs whose kitchens were not yet separated from the home kitchen

Jakarta KPKP Agency Head Suharini Eliawati said that there were several issues related to the household-level processed industry, one of which was cleanliness.

According to her, inadequate production facilities are a serious obstacle for entrepreneurs in the food sector. Besides, poor sanitation makes it difficult to provide hygienic food products.

The launch of the Jakpreneur Production Kitchen was expected to encourage Jakpreneurs to process their food products according to the good and hygienic food processing procedures.

"That way, the safety of the food they produced can be guaranteed. It will certainly improve their value, and competitiveness, and help them to meet the national and export quality standards," she stated.

In addition, she also hoped the Jakpreneur Production Kitchen could encourage Jakpreneurs to be more optimal in marketing and running their business to increase their income.

"Hopefully, other regions can also have production kitchens that can be used together. For example at the Kembangan Agricultural Extension Center (BPP), Ragunan Educational Agritourism (AEW), Cibubur BPP, Ujung Menteng BPP, and Sukapura BPP," she added.

Meanwhile, Jakarta KPKP Agency's Agriculture Division Head Mujiati said the Jakpreneurs could use the production kitchen by applying the KPKP Sub-agency first. Thus, the sub-agency could arrange the schedule and prepare things needed to process the products.

"So, the facilities can be used as needed and can be maintained properly," she expressed.

He explained that the Jakpreneur Production Kitchen is not only used to process foods, but also to package the products with a capacity of 30 people.

"For example, if there is a Jakpreneur who receives orders on a large scale and the kitchen doesn't fit, then the area can be used for production," she conveyed.

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