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Pemprov DKI Sosialisasikan Pergub RDTR 2022
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Through RDTR 2022: Jakarta Presents Spatial Justice and Accelerates Jakarta Transformation as Transit-Based Global City and Digital

The Jakarta Provincial Government is committed to providing spatial justice and accelerating the transformation of Jakarta as a global city, one of which is through the stipulation of Governor Regulation number 31/2022 on Detailed Spatial Planning (RDTR 2022) with reference to Law number 11/2020 on Job Creation which mandates that RDTR be established in the form of a Regional Head Regulation.

I invite all to take advantage of this opportunity

This regulation enhances the 2014 RDTR, which was previously regulated in Bylaw number 1/2014 by institutionalizing equitable use of space, a transit and digital-oriented city development paradigm, as well as a productive climate for business and investment.

It has gone through the preparation process according to national guidelines and has been determined in digital form thus it can be accessed easily by the public to obtain information regarding the suitability of the planned activity location and/or business, Digital RDTR has also been integrated with the OSS or Electronic Business Licensing System in the context of support the improvement of the investment climate in Jakarta.

City Responds to General Views Regarding RDTR and PZ Raperda

The RDTR 2022 was promoted by Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and the Head of the Jakarta Cipta Karya, Spatial Planning, and Land Agency Heru Hermawanto at the RDTR 2022 event: Accelerating the Transformation of Jakarta as a Business Center and Global City that is Resilience, Transit-Based, and Digital, taking place online at Jakarta City Hall, Wednesday (9/21).

“What is happening in Jakarta right now is a massive change in spatial planning and the impact will only be felt in the next few years. Therefore, I invite all to take advantage of this opportunity for change so that we can all live in Jakarta more comfortably,” he explained, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

"This is a new chapter for Jakarta, which will later be digitally oriented, have decent, affordable, and empowered settlements, have a balanced and sustainable living environment, the area is attractive as a global cultural destination and the city remains a magnet for various activities. It can arise with the existence of clear, transparent regulations, and can be used by all with the same opportunity. That's why, we prepare this regulation, " he explained.

RDTR 2022 provides policy breakthroughs in supporting transit-based city development. One of them is the pattern of regulating the intensity of space utilization based on performance or based on the carrying capacity of the area, thus city development in transit areas can be developed optimally.

It also presents policy breakthroughs in supporting the improvement of people's welfare. Some of these breakthroughs are the flexibility of housing construction arrangements that were previously limited to 2 floors, now they can be built up to 4 floors.

This flexibility also includes various types of housing arrangements. Starting from landed houses with the smallest area of less than 60 m2, flat houses for the needs of multiple families (more than one family), and more flexible arrangements for the development of residential verticalization (flats) connected to mass public transportation transit facilities.

Another breakthrough in improving people's welfare is the recognition of urban villages by providing zoning adjustments to spatial patterns and adjustments to the intensity of space utilization thus it is expected to eliminate slums and provide comfort for residents in living.

In supporting the implementation and development of the social, cultural and economic life of the community, the RDTR 2022 also provides flexibility in the construction of public facilities and infrastructure, including educational facilities, health, worship, recreation and sports, funerals, parks, and green open spaces.

Jakarta Cipta Karya, Spatial Planning, and Land Agency, Heru Hermawanto utterred that the revision of the RDTR and PZ which had been stated in the Governor's Regulation on the RDTR of the Jakarta Planning Area was prepared by adjusting to current conditions, as well as providing legal certainty to people who were constrained during the process of applying for business and/or non-business permits for space utilization activities.

For community requests related to spatial pattern zoning adjustments and spatial use intensity adjustments, this has been facilitated in an arrangement based on the availability of urban and regional infrastructure support.

Further, the Government is about to continue to optimize and support the realization of productive spaces in Jakarta sustainably through efforts to integrate national and sectoral development policies, accommodate the dynamics of development in Jakarta, and strengthen the institutionalization of spatial planning.

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