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Legislator Ini Dukung Penataan Lahan di Kolong Tol Becakayu
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This Legislator Supports Land Make Over Under Becakayu Toll Road

The make over of land which is being intensified by the Jakarta Provincial Government at several points such as under the Becakayu Toll Road has received support from members of the Jakarta DPRD.

Two aspects of beauty have begun to be seen in the area, I really appreciate it

Jakarta DPRD's Bapemperda Vice Chairman, Abdurrahman Suhaimi fully supports the make over of vacant land under the Becakayu Toll Road where the land that was originally dirty and neglected has become green with tree planting and urban farming.

"Two aspects of beauty have begun to be seen in the area, I really appreciate it," he expressed, Thursday (1/12).

Three Seed Gardens Supply Plants Under Becakayu Toll Road

According to him, the Kalimalang lane is a link between Jakarta and Bekasi. Therefore, this make over is deemed to be able to set an example if the route belonging to the Jakarta Government is managed properly.

"When the land has been revitalized, residents will see the beauty, neatness, and greenness of the roads managed by Jakarta," he exclaimed.

The same statement also came out from Commission D Member, Nova Harivan Paloh. He assessed that this action was brilliant. The synergy between the Jakarta Government and the Central Government was very close and strong in this make ovet.

"This is very nice. As residents, you definitely want Jakarta to be beautiful to look at, no trash, and beautiful with greenery," he stressed.

Even, the same action is also spotted in several areas. One of them is Kampung Melayu area.

"So, Jakartans, let's participate in maintaining the spatial layout of the city for a more beautiful, neat and clean place to live," he stated.

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