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DTKJ Berharap Putra Putri Jakarta Belajar ke Kota Lain
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DTKJ Welcomes City Collaboration with Oxford University

The Jakarta City Transportation Council (DTKJ) welcomes the recent signing of an MoU on research and human resources development between the Jakarta Government and the University of Oxford as an effort to address the future challenges in Jakarta.

Let's continue to collaborate and build a synergy for a better Jakarta

"Jakarta's challenges in the future will be very complex, especially with the development of the state capital (IKN) in East Kalimantan. Jakarta must remain a city of trade and services," said DTKJ Chairperson Haris Muhammadun in a written statement to on Tuesday (5/24).

He furthered that it was necessary to develop human resources in a bid to make Jakarta remains attractive in the future. Thus Jakarta can be managed better and able to handle urban problems, such as transportation.

DTKJ Fully Supports Odd-Even Implementation Plan in Jakarta

"A safe, healthy, and eco-friendly public transportation must be realized in Jakarta. By signing MoU, the young generations of Jakarta can study in other advanced and modern cities and apply the knowledge they gained for the advancement of Jakarta, including the development of sustainable transportation. So, let's continue to collaborate and build synergy for a better Jakarta," he conveyed.

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